Endocrine Congress Organizing Committee

Benito Manuel

Ph.D, D.Phil.
University of Granada

Biography: Manuel R. Benito de las Heras was born in Antequera (Málaga) in 195 ReadMore...

Research Interest: His mayor contributions may be summarized as follows: 1.- Co ReadMore...

Chen Chen

University of Queensland

Biography: Professor Chen Chen was appointed Professor and Chair of Endocrinology ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Chen's Research focuses on the link of cell biological p ReadMore...

Charles J. Everett

US Department of Veteran Affairs & US College of Charleston, USA

Biography: Charles J. Everett, PhD is Affiliate Faculty in the Master of Environm ReadMore...

Research Interest: Environmental Epidemiology, Diabetic Nephropathy

David M. Harlan

University of Massachusetts Medical School Medicine

Biography: David M Harlan MD is a Professor of University of Massachusetts Medica ReadMore...

Research Interest: Tolerance mechanisms , organ/tissue transplantation, Autoimm ReadMore...

Christian Okafor

University of Nigeria, Enugu / University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu

Biography: Dr. Christian Okafor, was born on 9th September, 1971 in Anambra state ReadMore...

Research Interest: My research interests are in the field of diabetes mellitus, ReadMore...

Patrick Nelson

Executive Editor
University of Michigan

Biography: Dr. Patrick Nelson is an Assistant Professor in Department of Computat ReadMore...

Research Interest: Clinical Informatics Databases and Computing Modeling Immu ReadMore...

Hiroyuki Koshiyama

Professor & Director
Kyoto University

Biography: Hiroyuki Koshiyama is a Professor in the Department of Diabetes & Clin ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diabetes and Metabolism